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The media library and the trophy wall

The Open café

The alumni wall

Barbara Réaux, our admissions officer, presents the media library and the wall of our students’ trophies.Barbara Réaux, the director of teaching and professional activities, presents here the Open Café of the Open campus of Brest.Barbara Réaux, presents here the alumni wall, the executives of our former students of the Open campus of Brest.

the conference wall

The relaxation area and partner companies

The Digi Lab

Barbara Réaux presents here the conference wall, also called Open Conf’.Julien Pelleau, director of corporate relations, presents here the relaxation area and some of our partner companies.Samy Guelman, happy manager of La Digital School, presents here the Digi Lab’ available to our students of La Digital School and to others.

The Studio Lab

The Digital Senpai space

The digital Cluster

Samy Guelman, happy manager of the Digital School, presents here the Studio Lab’ available to our SUP’DE COM students and others.Barbara Réaux presents here the Senpai Digital Space with its coworking space and the Open Cine. Samy Guelman, Director of Executive Education, presents here the cluster of La Digital School.

The Speaking Lab’ & the Amphitheater

The Tech Lab

Barbara Réaux presents here the Speaking Lab’ and the Amphitheatre of the Open campus of Brest.Samy Guelman presents here the Tech Lab’ available to our EPSI students and others.