The student office is an active part of our student life and is made up exclusively of students.

Present on key dates such as Christmas or Halloween, the BDE sets up activities within the campus and remotely to make the life of our students more enjoyable!

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Do you have a passion for cooking, preparing cocktails, buffets, or any other food-related event?
Welcome to the Open Campus Food Office! You can count on them to punctuate your year with convivial and exquisite moments!

Association created by students, My food Lab is the application restaurant of the campus!
Their mission? To offer you an original and varied catering service at student prices.

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It is in a friendly atmosphere that a group of computer enthusiasts with multiple skills join together to best respond to the missions they are asked.
This ranges from the design of a website to a multi-platform mobile application (iOs and Android) through the implementation of secure network infrastructures and server administration on different OS such as windows, linux and mac.
In addition, the most curious members of the group can benefit from the experience of the most experienced in order to improve and learn more about the ever-changing IT industry.

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An association founded by our students at the Digital School. Hope.n.d’s objective is to animate student life and develop the knowledge of its members through digital news!

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Coop & Sport

Campus Sports Association. Coop & Sport organizes a multitude of workshops and events in order to discover sports and practice activities in groups.

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Association of the school Sup de Com, communication agency in consulting.

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