The world has never been so open, so connected and so multicultural. Rapid developments in communication and information sharing, combined with greater access to international mobility, have accelerated career opportunities abroad.

This is especially true for executives, especially within the European Union, for whom the international component of their profile has gone from being a “plus on their CV” to a “must have” skill in many cases.

It is therefore essential for the Open Campus to offer its students a complete program that allows them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare for this, and this is what our International Program is all about.

Moreover, we are consistent with our DNA and our pedagogical project centered on 3 pillars for our students: to promote their professionalization, to help them build professional networks and to implement an experiential pedagogy, based on practice.

The International Program has been built in 3 steps, each one answering a precise objective and allowing to prepare for the next step:

The English Abroad Track

The first thing to do to develop your international skills is of course to improve your level of English, both spoken and written.

For this, our students will benefit from 80 additional hours of English classes and workshops in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years.

At the end of the first year, they will be able to go to one of the 9 English destinations of our partner Education First, in order to practice English in an intensive and immersive way, and to take an EF certification validating their level of mastery of the English language.

The Track Internship Abroad

This second stage allows you to have a second international experience, with more autonomy and in more varied destinations (within the EU), by carrying out this time professional missions within the framework of an internship of 2 months minimum.

The Track Study Abroad

Having reached the level of international maturity, with at least two initial experiences abroad, our students are ready to spend a long period of time in one of our EF partner schools, independently, and to validate a recognized English certification (TOEIC, TOEFL…), and in some cases to validate a double degree from a partner institution.