l A concentration of expertise and innovation

Training for digital professions implies strong requirements in terms of technical and technological mastery, monitoring and innovation, and constant interaction with professionals in the sector.

l Continuous monitoring of content and educational tools

The first requirement is to always be aware of the latest technologies, tools and methods used in the company. However, the skills and professions in the digital world are evolving at an incredible speed, and it is therefore necessary toconstantly adapt our educational content and tools.

l Technical know-how & understanding of the issues

The second is to allow our students & apprentices toacquire specific technical know-how, while helping them to integrate a transversal dimension, a sense of perspective, so that they can put their techniques to use in the service of the business issues they are able to grasp.

l A clear ambition: to be among the best digital schools in France

l By digital companies

Creating the school in co-construction with companies in the sector was an obvious choice for its founders. But this trust shown by companies also represents a strong responsibility for the school: to meet the requirements of our partners and members of the Digital Cluster. The mission of the school’s teaching teams will therefore be to provide the kind of support that we hold dear, but also to promote high standards, both in terms of hard and soft skills.

l High-level speakers

This permanent and unprecedented interaction with major companies in the sector, but also with innovative and agile startups, allows us to offer our students high-level speakers, many of whom are members of our Digital Cluster (Google, W3, Asten, 42, Capgemini, Arkéa…).


SAMEDI 7 septembre