The Digital School, our digital school, trains you in digital jobs related to web marketing and will provide you with all the up-to-date skills required to successfully manage a digital strategy within a company as a whole. The school offers a training program that is both technical and business oriented, with a focus on managerial skills and know-how. Thanks to the Bachelor Digital & Beauty professions, you will be trained in the digital side of the beauty sector’s environment and culture as well as in the beauty and cosmetics professions. 

The Digital School prepares for the following double degree: 

  • La Digital School Diploma ” Bachelor digital 
  • Level 6 title ” E-Business project manager “

The diploma “e-business project manager” is recognized by the State, accredited by the Ministry of Labour.

RNCP e-business project manager sheet

  • Accessible by VAE* and VAP**.
  • Possibility of validating one or more blocks of skills.

*Validation of acquired experience

**Validation of professional experience

Possible continuation of studies in a professional Master’s degree

Bac+5 “Innovative Project Manager” or “Digital Web Project Manager

bachelor digital et metiers de la beauté


The Digital School is the first school designed by and for digital companies. It is part of a powerful network that federates the region’s dynamic forces, thus benefiting from the field expertise of major digital players.

The issue of digital communication in the beauty sector is becoming omnipresent. The aesthetic and cosmetic market in France is growing and constantly evolving. 31.3% of consumers say they have purchased at least one cosmetic product online during the year 2020. The world of aesthetics and cosmetics is 4th in the e-commerce market in terms of number of customers. In France and abroad, the beauty and cosmetics sector has been booming for several years, especially on the web. Every year, sales of cosmetic products in stores decrease in favor of online sales. The sector is notably boosted by popular and highly influential influencers.

Web marketing & web communication and content creation are essential skills to master in order to meet consumers’ needs.

Aware of this boom, La Digital School has decided to open for the first time in a digital school, a course oriented towards the beauty industry.

The wellness market in France

billion € in sales
4/5 consumers buy a product after seeing a recommendation on social networks
companies in France
employees in France in this sector
the percentage growth of this market by 2030
% continuous growth on average
% - the share of this market (France is the world leader in the aesthetic market)

The aesthetic & cosmetic market:


The services are performed by professionals of the aesthetic & cosmetic industry in beauty institute, spa, thalasso, at home...

Examples: Yves Rocher, Spa Nuxe, Spa Guerlain, Institut de beauté Nocibé


The sale of beauty products or services are done in point of sale (perfumery, beauty store ...) or on the Internet (RS, websites)

Examples: Beauty Succes, Sephora,

Charlene Patterson

Beauty expert, influencer and professional makeup artist Charlene Patterson will represent La Digital School’s Esthetics and Cosmetics track.

Prerequisites for the Bachelor E-Business Project Manager


I Joining our Bachelor 1 :

  • Holder of a general or professional baccalaureate or equivalent.

Find all the information concerning the aptitudes and prerequisites for admission on our dedicated page.

Objectives of the Bachelor E-Business Project Manager

The “Webmarketing & Social media” or “Web design” specialization leads our students to put digital technology at the service of the company’s business challenges.

In addition to specialized skills, the Bachelor’s degree in e-business project management aims to :

  • Develop your digital skills on all levels (Development, Webdesign and Webmarketing)
  • be able to develop a complete digital strategy
  • Study and analyze the performance of digital actions

In 1st year, Bachelor 1 “Bachelor Digital

Duration: 12 months

Targeted Skills:

  • Manager for a day
  • Functional management
  • Economy / Geopolitics
  • CSR and business ethics
  • Project management
  • Sales and marketing techniques
  • General Accounting 1 & 2

Methods used:

  • Business Game
  • Discovery of activity sectors
  • Methodology and activity report

Cross-Cutting Skills:

  • English 1 & 2LV2 (e-learning)
  • French / grammar
  • Becoming self-aware
  • To have confidence in oneself
  • Perfect mastery of the creation of a Word document
  • Video editing / graphic design
  • Mastery of the PPT
  • Develop autonomy / debate / eloquence contest
  • Quick reading and note taking
  • Spirit of analysis and synthesis
  • Professional skills
  • Discovering humanitarianism

The aesthetics sector:

  • The environment & culture of the beauty industry
  • The beauty and cosmetic professions

In the 2nd year, Bachelor 2 “Bachelor Digital

Duration: 12 months

Business skills:

  • Development & code :
    • Three.js, vue.js and WebGL
    • Symfony, Silex
    • Advanced JavaScript
    • Stack Mean
    • CMS (WordPress, Drupal…)
    • iOS and Android development
    • Advanced front-end development
  • Webdesign & contents :
    • Prototyping
    • Web & mobile design
    • UI design / UX design
    • Initiatory design
    • Sketch, InVision
  • Marketing & Webmarketing
    • Corporate Communication
    • Web Analytics
    • Digital marketing
    • SEO, SEA
    • Google AdWords, Facebook Ads
    • Affiliation
  • Business intelligence
    • Project management
    • Technological innovation
    • Basics of entrepreneurship

Methods used

  • Transversal project ” Development of a mobile application “.
  • Transversal project “Project Room

Cross-cutting competencies

  • Technology watch
  • General & digital culture
  • Common sense & fast-checking
  • Communication & speaking
  • Collaborative tools & Office suite
  • Business English

The aesthetics sector:

  • Marketing in the aesthetic & cosmetic sector
  • Communicating in the world of beauty
  • E-commerce & sales

3rd year Bachelor Digital & choice of :

    • Level 6 “E-Business Project Manager” title
    • Duration: 12 months

Bachelor 3 Digital :

Targeted competencies

  • Development & code :
    • React.js & React native
    • Big data & open data
    • Python & Django
    • iOS & Android development
    • Ruby on Rails
    • SQL database
    • Hosting & network
  • Webdesign & contents :
    • Methodology, process & design
    • product design
    • Generative design
    • Strategic design
    • Design thinking
    • Motion design
    • 3D, Unity, Blender
    • Design & writing
  • Marketing & Webmarketing
    • Marketing of innovation
    • Proximity marketing
    • Mobile marketing
    • CRM & emailing
    • Mobile & digital analytics
    • Traffic acquisition
    • Optimization of the conversation
    • Growth hacking
    • Brand strategy
  • Business intelligence
    • Technical project management
    • Agile project management
    • Team management
    • ICT law
    • International approach
    • Sector approach
    • Connected objects
    • Lean startup

Methods used

  • Cross-cutting project “Managing a Webmarketing project
  • Transversal project “Project Room

Cross-cutting competencies

  • Technology watch
  • Archaeology of the media
  • Personal communication
  • Collaborative tools & Office suite
  • Business English
The aesthetic sector
  • Become an E-business project manager in the beauty industry
  • Become an influencer or brand ambassador
  • Become a digital communication manager in the beauty industry

Bachelor 3 E-Business Project Manager :

Targeted competencies

  • E-Conception: design CMS sites for merchants or showcases:
    • Create or optimize a CMS site
    • Produce and put into production multimedia content
    • Implement a monitoring system on technological and social developments
  • E-Communication: implementing a digital communication :
    • Carry out, manage and optimize digital communication campaigns,
    • Animate and moderate the social networks’ exchange flows,
    • Develop and coordinate partnerships,
    • Create or participate in events
  • E-marketing: implementing digital marketing:
    • Target and analyze the needs of Internet users
    • Implementing e-marketing actions
    • Monitor, measure and analyze the activity of a site
    • To implement a watch on the evolutions of the commercial practices specific to the e-commerce

Duration of the training

Duration: 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the entry level.

Training Duration:

Bachelor 1 : 690 hours

Bachelor 2 : 690 hours

Bachelor 3 : 500 hours

Access times

>> Application possible until October 1, 2022

  • Submission of the application
  • Scheduling of your admissions tests by the Admissions Department
  • Passing the admissions tests (written tests + interview)
  • Response from the Admissions Department within 10 to 15 days


Download our price list – The Digital School 2022.

Rates : Initial course

Fees : Work-study program*(in French)

*The application fee is 95€, a 50% reduction is possible for students with scholarships and job seekers with proof of employment.

**In the case of an apprenticeship contract, the student is responsible for the application fees.

**In the case of a work-study program, tuition fees are paid by the employer.


The admission process to our schools is done in 2 steps:

  • The study of the file . The objective is to verify the adequacy between the candidate’s profile, his training, his professional project and the chosen training. At the end of this first step, the candidate will be declared eligible or not.
  • Admission tests . If declared eligible, the candidate will be interviewed by the person in charge of the program or by a person involved in the program applied for. The selection is based on the candidate’s general level, professional project, general culture and motivation. Depending on the school, the selection interview may be followed by additional written tests.


There are 2 possibilities to integrate our schools:

1/ Sending the application by mail or online application: average processing time of 48 to 72 hours.

  • Application form to be downloaded and sent with attachments to Brest Open Campus – Service admissions 475 rue Joséphine Pencalet, 29200 BREST) or Online application
  • The complete file is studied within 48 to 72 hours.
  • If he/she is declared eligible, the selection interview and written tests are scheduled
  • After the admission tests, the final answer is communicated within 48 to 72 hours.

2/ Submission of application by appointment: average processing time 48 to 72 hours.

  • Applicants can make an appointment with an academic advisor to submit their application. The study of the file is done on line. The candidate’s eligibility or not is pronounced immediately.
  • If he/she is declared eligible, an appointment is scheduled for the selection interview and the written tests, if applicable.
  • After the admission tests, the final answer is communicated within 48 to 72 hours.


I Joining our Bachelor 1 :

  • Holder of a general or professional baccalaureate or equivalent.

I Integrate our Bachelor 2 :

  • Holder of a Bac+1, all fields, having validated 60 ECTS.
  • Access possible by the Validation of Professional Experience (VAP)

I Integrate our Bachelor 3 :

  • Holder of a Bac+2, all fields, having validated 120 ECTS.
  • Access possible by the Validation of Professional Experience (VAP)

Methods used: face-to-face teaching, professional work, e-learning, learning by doing, national competitions, etc.

Various laboratories and spaces are also made available and are used as part of their curriculum to learn about new solutions in their sector of activity:

  • an amphitheater,
  • a media library,
  • an application restaurant,
  • 7 application laboratories,
  • a co-working space,
  • a computer room (Apple Room),
  • and modern, open classrooms (Open ClassRoom)
  • a podcast studio *,
  • an e-sport room *

*N ORK 2022-2023

During your year(s) you will be evaluated:

– in continuous assessment

– at semi-annual events

– during annual reviews

Bachelor Chef de Projet E-Business Spécialité Webmarketing

Job opportunities

Community manager - Content manager - Webmarketing Manager - Acquisition Manager - Membership and Partnership Manager - SEO manager - Social media manager - Traffic manager ...

Our strengths

  • Dual skills with 10 state-recognized RNCP titles offered on the Brest campus
  • More than 250 partner companies
  • Diploma recognized by the state and labeled France compétences, registered in the RNCP.
  • Business conferences
  • 98% of our speakers are professionals
  • Experiential teaching through our 6 laboratories, 6 student associations and 25 startups and companies in residence.
  • 40 direct contacts with companies and professionals
  • 3 to 5 professional projects to be carried out during the course
  • Real estate application agency for our students
  • Sector and business specializations
  • 93% of our work-study students are placed in work-study positions each year thanks to our corporate relations department

Handicap & accessibility

We have an equal opportunity policy to enable all students and learners to access our training and develop their talents.

All our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities, find our dedicated page.

Success rate (2019-2020 La Digital School):

  •  Bachelor E-Business Project Manager and Application Developer
    • 91% of graduates (29 graduates out of 32 students)

Tutor satisfaction rate (2020-2021, La Digital School):

  • Bachelor E-Business Project Manager
    • Apprenticeship: 82% (out of a total of 11 tutors who responded to the survey)
    • In pro contract: 100% (on a return)

Student satisfaction rate (2020-2021, La Digital School):

  • Bachelor Application Developer and Bachelor E-Business Project Manager 

26 respondents said they were ” Satisfied or Very Satisfied ” regarding:

    • Teaching method and materials [L’animation du cours vous paraissait attractive.]: 53%.
    • In general, are you satisfied with the Corporate Relations department? 73%
    • What do you think of the reception of the School Service? 58%
    • Is your Happy Manager available and listening to you? 73%
    • The material made available by the BOC seems to you: 70%.

Insertion rate (2019-2020 La Digital School):

  • Graduates Bachelor E-Business Project Manager (based on 16 students who responded to the survey).
    • Employee: 31.3
    • Student: 37.5
    • Jobseeker: 31.3

Breakup rate   (2019-2020 La Digital School)  

  • Bachelor E-Business Project Manager
    • Apprenticeship: 0% (0 break-ups out of 14 alternating students)
    • On a pro contract: 0% (on a pro contract)

Dropout rate (2019-2020 La Digital School)

  • Bachelor E-Business Project Manager
    • Apprenticeship: 7% (one dropout out of 14 alternating students)
    • On a professional contract: 0%.  (on a pro contract)
Coming soon: Our rates will be posted on the inserjeunes website.